Hiking with ZipPeePants for Active Outdoor Women

Have you ever been Hiking with a Guy friend and wished you had a Zipper like he had? After many days and miles, I finally met a friend that said, “I can make them for you. I can make you a pair of pants with a Zipper!”

#EZPeePants were born!!

#PeeEasy #PeeToo

After Walking/Hiking 500 miles in our homemade EZPeePants we realized we had to share our EZPeePants with the rest of you. As we met other women along the Way, and saw them squatting and hiding behind bushes we realized we needed to make our EZPeePants available to ALL women.

EZPeePants are our favorite pants for Walking, Hiking and many Outdoor Activities. We hope EZPeePants make your life as #PeeEasy as ours!!


Let us know what you think. Send us Photos/Videos, Comments, Suggestions, Ideas, and ANYthing to make Walking and Hiking as #PeeEasy for women as for men.


To share ideas and options that will make Women's Active Outdoor Lives as #PeeEasy as possible!!